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Rosemary’s Harvest

Rosemary Corte – Photo by Devin Ford

Entrepreneur and artist Rosemary Corte has always worked and felt the need to maintain her financial independence. Her favorite jobs were always centered around being creative, so she founded Harvest Jewels in 2015. She wanted to do something that brought joy to herself and others.

She has spent three and a half years building her business with a lot of sweat, trial, and error. Through this process, though, she has been able to identify her strengths and weaknesses. Early on, she relied on advice from her husband, a business owner himself, and other women entrepreneurs. Rosemary learned to trust her gut and realized she could not meet her goals without help. She hired great employees who filled in her weak spots and a PR firm, JJPR.

Running a business and being a wife and mother of two means she is always moving — from networking at cocktail hour to her daughter’s equestrian competitions. Rosemary was inspired to create looks that can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans or a cocktail dress. Harvest Jewels has been labeled as boho-chic, but her favorite hashtag #EleganceWithAnEdge suggests something a little more true to her lifestyle. She is inspired daily by living on a working farm in Fairhope, Alabama and seeing the constantly changing beauty of the seasons.

“Working gives me a sense of accomplishment. It is important to me for my children to see their mom as a woman in the workforce — especially a business owner. Both of my children have incredible work ethics and it makes me so very proud!” Rosemary said.

Pendants & Necklaces by Harvest Jewels – Photo by Devin Ford

She says the hardest thing about entrepreneurship is finding balance. Her children and husband, Jay, are her biggest supporters offering encouragement and reeling her back in when she needs to be “still and quiet” for a bit.

“I am type A, OCD, and independent all mixed up in one. It is hard for me to relinquish the reins, lean on anyone, ask for help, or stay quiet when I need to. And by quiet, I mean taking a break. I find it difficult to take a break when it is often necessary,” Rosemary said.

Like many, she has struggled with self-confidence and knowing her own value.

“I often felt as if I was not deserving of praise. But I finally learned that if I do not believe in myself, how is anyone else going to ever believe in me or my brand? There is always going to be failure in areas, people telling you no, and those that we so desperately want to win over or please. Those people and circumstances are normal and ultimately are what help you grow,” she said.

I often felt as if I was not deserving of praise. But I finally learned that if I do not believe in myself, how is anyone else going to ever believe in me or my brand?

“I am striving to obtain and keep a brand that I am proud of. Looking at how far I have come sometimes feels like a dream. That sounds so cliché, but really I have to remember that or else I would drive myself mad trying to attain the unattainable. Praise from loved ones, customers, and often complete strangers is one of the most rewarding parts of this journey,” she said.

Model wearing Harvest Jewels collection – Photo by Devin Ford

Rosemary has even bigger dreams for her future, and the financial boost from Harvest Jewels is what she hopes will get her on her way toward them.

“My big goal is to establish a foundation to assist cancer patients, cancer survivors, and hard-working, struggling mothers. Of course, I must be in a financial position to be able to accomplish these goals,” she said.

Harvest Jewels is sold online and in 12 retailers in 14 stores in four states and has trunk shows all over the United States. Her designs have been featured in many publications including British Vogue and Alabama Magazine.

Harvest Jewels bracelets – Photo by Devin Ford

To purchase, go to to find the full list of retail partnerships as well as scheduled trunk shows.

Rosemary’s Business Tips:

1. Start small and build your business at the pace you are comfortable with. Do not overextend yourself or try to grow too quickly.

2. Talk to good business people and listen to what they have to say. Some of my best advice has come from other women entrepreneurs.

3. Invest in loyal and intelligent people that can help you in the areas that you need the most.

4. Trust your gut!

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