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Fizzi Fest 2019

Celebrate National Bubbles Day luxuriously at Fizzi Fest Saturday, June 1. This event is like no other with champagne, cava, prosecco, and sparkling wine to taste all at one admission price. Included in this is hors d’oeuvres of oysters, chocolate, and cheese to pair with the bubbles. The afternoon is sure to be entertaining with music, art, and special guests.

Stacy Wellborn and a team of friends founded Fizzi Fest after joking that they should start their own sparkling wine event because of their love for the bubbly drink. Stacy wants to be sure that Fizzi Fest will be a celebration of good life, art, and all things bubbles. Wear your favorite white or bright summer fashion and your dancing shoes and enjoy music from Swing Band. While tasting your bubbly, take part in the silent auction of art, hand-painted champagne bottles, and other fabulous gifts. As a special surprise for the evening, the Merry Antoinettes will be attending to serve bubbles and saber bottles throughout the event.

In its inaugural year, Fizzi Fest chose to benefit Mobile Arts Council’s public art program, and they want to choose a different partner each year in the future. And Stacy sees that future being bright, bubbly, and happening sooner than anticipated. In addition to having the event annually in Mobile, Stacy also plans to expand it to other cities. She already has a partner in New Orleans, LA for the fall, and she hopes to take it to Nashville, TN in the spring.

“There’s nothing else like this in the country.”
Stacy Wellborn

“There’s nothing else like this in the country.  I’ve found something a little similar in Canada, and obviously there’s some in France. I want to take this and grow it so more people can experience different kinds of sparkling wines and champagnes,” Stacy said.

Experience 24 wines at Fizzi Fest for just a general admission fee of $75. A VIP experience ($125) will be limited to 50 people, and it will include access to private indoor seating, six additional high-end wines like Dom Perignon and Cristal, and gourmet hors d’oeuvres. Domke Market, Red or White, and Firehouse are the three wine shops providing the bubbly. Fizzi Fest will be held at the historic Ezell House in downtown Mobile, where it will be an indoor/outdoor event.

Over 20 bubbly drinks will be available to taste at Fizzi Fest. -Photo by Devin Ford

“People who love bubbles, really love bubbles. Like, passionately love bubbles. I think it’s a great opportunity to bring people together to build and benefit the community,” Stacy said.

Ultimately, the team behind Fizzi Fest wants to expose more people to different types of sparkling wines, generate traffic to the generous wine shops helping them out, and raise awareness to the arts council. Their ultimate goal is to raise enough money to do a public art project.

Tickets are available through Eventbrite or on Fizzi Fest’s Facebook page.

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