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Being self-quarantined means we no longer have access to the learning tools we had before—libraries are closing, universities have shifted classes online. This also means some of us suddenly have a lot more free time. If you don’t want to spend your time scrolling through Twitter or re-watching shows on Netflix, you can take this time to learn something new. 

There are hundreds of learning resources available online during this time. Many new courses and resources are being added for free to accommodate peoples’ needs during this time. Here is a list of resources for when you’re feeling like social distancing isn’t all it’s cut out to be. 

For the Kids 

Kids’ Author Mo Willems to host livestream doodle – Willems’ “Lunch Doodle” is inviting “learners of all ages” to draw along with him every weekday at 1pm. He’s also encouraging kids to send him questions at 

Scholastic Learn From Home – Scholastic launched its Learn From Home website with day-by-day projects to keep kids learning while home. There are courses divided out into grade levels from pre-K to sixth grade and up. Most parents aren’t used to having to homeschool their kids, so this is an option that lets them learn one new thing every day. And most importantly, these are things your kids would be learning in school anyways, so it will help them keep up with what they’re expected to know. 

PBS Kids Online – PBS Kids has a website with fun, educational games for kids of many ages. You can even sign up for their newsletter right now to get daily activities and tips to help kids play and learn at home. The website also has a place for watching kids’ shows and live TV. 

National Geographic Kids – The Nat Geo Kids website offers scientific, fun learning for kids. With games, videos, quizzes and more, this is a great place to teach your kids a little bit about the world. 

For Fun

Free coloring books from 113 museums  – You can download and print out coloring books from 113 museums all over the world. Some illustrations are easier for kids, but there are also challenging ones that adults can have fun with. 

Instagram live cooking classes from Gucci’s chef
– Massimo Bottura, the chef behind Gucci’s Osteria (a new Italian restaurant by Gucci, the fashion brand), is hosting a free cooking series on his personal Instagram page (@massimobottura). The episodes are fun, energetic and always informative. Not only do you learn how to cook a certain meal, you also learn techniques and skills. The lessons are always taught in English, and they are live nightly at 8pm CET. 

Learn a practical skill – You can take this time at home to learn a skill you’ve always wanted to conquer. Whether that’s hand-sewing, cooking the perfect omelet, video editing…there are so many options for what you can do right from home. YouTube is your best friend during this time, as there are likely dozens of tutorials on there for each thing you want to learn. 

Live cams at zoos and aquariums – Dozens of zoos and aquariums all around the world are setting up live cams of their animals so people can still observe and learn despite being home. The Georgia Aquarium, The San Diego Zoo, The Houston Zoo, The Smithsonian National Zoo, The Maryland Zoo and many more have live webcams available right now on their websites. If you’ve ever wondered what a naked mole rat or a giant panda do during the day, now is your opportunity to find out! 

Professional Skill Development 

450 free online Ivy League courses  – This website put together a list of 450 free online courses you can take right now through Ivy League colleges. The subjects range from Arts & Design to Programming to Health & Medicine. Whether you want to learn a completely new skill or you want to refine some existing skills, this is a great resource. 

Free courses with OpenLearn – is a website that offers free courses in eight subjects with nearly 1,000 courses to choose from. These courses are divided into different difficulty levels to help you determine which course is right for you. 

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