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Audra Harper on Connecting It All

Audra Harper of Harper Technologies – Photo by Ambreia Artistry Photography

Harper Technologies, a concierge culture IT services company, is a family-owned business in Mobile. The business is run by sisters-in-law, Audra and Cecily, and their husbands. Although unintentional all of their degrees complement each other in a way that has made their business a success. They approach business and life as a tight-knit team all with the same goal… building a generational legacy for their family. 

In this 2-part series, we hear from the women who make it all work.

“Cecily and I look out for one another personally and professionally knowing that when we are at our best, the family ultimately wins.. we are building a legacy for our children” – Audra

Audra Harper is the Operations Administrator and oversees the business finances as well as document management. She has been married for fifteen years and has two girls with Abe Harper, President.

On family business…

The best part is working with people who genuinely love me as a person and consistently show that love, even in a professional setting. The work I do positively impacts my family in so many ways, and that keeps me motivated. We all work our butts off for the same goal; to leave an incredible sustainable legacy for our children. We all have very different professional roles and titles, but each of us respects the others’ roles and if one of us makes a mistake, it’s addressed from a place of compassion and care instead of condemnation. 

Cecily Harper & Audra Harper of Harper Technologies – Photo by Ambreia Artistry Photography

On creating boundaries…

I start my day with meditation with my wonderful husband. It sets the tone for our day. If I need time to exercise, breathe or refocus; I take it. We find creative ways to satisfy family and business needs without sacrificing either. It’s okay to bring work home, as your family comes first.

Her hardest lesson…

No matter how good and how right we try to live, there will always be trials and hard times. They may be difficult and painful, but there is so much growth and freedom on the other side if we just get through. The idea is ALWAYS not to give up. Embrace change. Embrace our imperfections and work to improve. Tiny steps of progress are still progress. In the words of Walt Disney “We don’t look back for very long, we keep moving forward.”

Her advice for other women… 

Be confident in your role and never lose focus on the overall goal and vision of the team. Surround yourself with positivity. Choose people who only build you up; not in the sense that they are a ‘yes’ person; but when there’s room for feedback or correction, it is done lovingly and not condemning. Words have the power to build up or tear down. Change the music you listen to, if all you listen to is negative, harsh, degrading lyrics. Change what you watch on television and what you allow yourself to see on social media. I’m a firm believer that what goes in, is what comes out. Protect your peace. Don’t be ashamed to retreat when you need to and don’t be afraid to reach out to someone when you need help. When you face a challenge, find someone who you know will walk with you through it, even if that means they text encouraging words at random times. As people, we are not made to do life alone. Be content with your own story and who you are. Comparison is dangerous and should be dealt with as soon as we feel it. You are valuable and worthy of love and happiness and grace and forgiveness. Not because you look or act like anyone else, but because you were created that way. Remind yourself; daily if you have to.

Change what you watch on television and what you allow yourself to see on social media. I’m a firm believer that what goes in, is what comes out. Protect your peace.
Audra Harper

What she loves about Focus WC… 

Focus is about locking arms with other women and pushing them to be their best selves. Through my story, I want other women and working moms to be encouraged and inspired knowing that we are all trying our best to be the greatest version of our- selves daily. I make mistakes. I screw up. But I keep going because there are people who depend on me not to give up. We don’t always get it right, but this doesn’t change the fact that we are a fierce and powerful force. Our failures make us stronger because through them we learn.

Harper Technologies, LLC

Audra Harper

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